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About PETS republic™


founded by El-Moataz Bellah K.Hashim in 2011 based in Cairo, and developed PETS republicTM brand for pets in 2015 as a leading brand in the region.

From the beginning, PETS republicTM has been developed and manufactured in EGYPT with only the safest, finest ingredients. based on the principles of purity and efficacy-PETS republicTM has grown by starting from many pets perfumes types.shampoos to a comprehensive line of pet care products that are sold and used by conscientious animal lovers across the nation and around the world.

We at PETS republicTM have a genuine love for pets and concern for the environment. These passions are at the heart of everything we do, from the thought we put into our products to our commitment to putting principles on par with profits. From every one of us, thanks for your continued support.


Product Philosophy

At PETS republic™, we have designed all of our products with the health of your friend in mind. Our pets are our “kids,” and our best friends, and we think they deserve only the finest blends of cleansing potions and sumptuous, effective essences. At pets republic™ we are committed to producing high-quality products for your pet that contain only the best ingredients

That’s why PETS republic™ products are cruelty free and made in EGYPT with High quality ingredients. We believe you and your pet deserve quality products that are non toxic, paraben & sulfate free, phthalate free, and phosphate free. PETS republicTM comprehensive line including shampoos, perfumes, and dry shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, hair dyes, ear cleaners, kennel cleaners, stain and odor..etc. offer heavenly scented solutions for the unique needs of your pet, including everyday cleansing and coat conditioning, relief from itching or hot spots, combating pests, skin sensitivity or allergy, odor relief, and more. Botanical fragrances inspired by nature will have your pet smelling better than ever while naturally improving their skin and coat.

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Big ideas and grand designs are definitely a way to get to the top of the market

Image by Afif Kusuma


Relentless commitment to quality portrayed through its stringent guidelines enforced by quality control and assurance specialists


A lot of thought goes into what we buy for our pets, from the right ingredients to safe, durable products with the necessary visibility and comfort.

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As much as we love spending time with our own pets, we are constantly working to provide new ways to keep them entertained aiming happy pet life


Our Product Guarantee

Top groomers and veterinary know and trust PETS republic™ products, but we don’t just want you to take our word for it.


We are so sure you will love PETS republic™ that we unconditionally guarantee every product we sell.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us for instructions on how to return your product for a full refund.

Feel free to request our price list

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